Women Dont Drive!

Men….If you let your woman drive you around all the time you look like a pussy. Not saying you are but you look like one. You only have a few excuses 1)Your Drunk – Legit! – 2)Your tired (in which case youre a pussy! – 3)Your woman demands to drive in which case youre a pussy again. Driving is a man thing, period!

Women, if you demand to drive you are d-emasculating your man. Seriously! You wonder why he doesnt want sex with you? Its because you probably d-emasculate him in more than one way. Let him drive! Let him be the man! Cars are a man thing! Driving is a control thing and men like to feel like they are in control. We are the protectors, the hunters etc. When we drive you somewhere we feel accomplished. When you drive (assuming were not drunk) you are taking away our very power that you were probably attracted to him in the first place.

Ladies if you want to have a man it starts by letting him drive. Its a very basic rule. And, YES even if its your car. Doesn’t matter! He Drives! You sit shotgun and tell him what a great driver he is. Support him and his driving even if it pains you to not be in control.

2 thoughts on “Women Dont Drive!

  1. MikeDaMan

    Ok, I agree with this but what about when its a womans car? Im talkin a Small Convertible BMW or a VW Bug convertible or a LeCar? Then what? I dont want to be seen driving one of those.

    1. Sean_Cook Post author

      Thats a great point! On one hand you look gay driving those cars but on the other hand you are with your lady. And if you have kids your obviously not gay. So its ok in that situation but if you are like me one day I asked to borrow my moms convertible Mercedes on a sunny hot day in So Cal and I drove through Laguna Beach (where she lives). Not really listening or thinking about the music that was playing until i stopped at a light and realized I was lip sinking Madonna in a total chick car in Laguna Beach which is known for its large gay population. Pretty damn funny when I realized what was happening.

      So to answer your question Mr. DaMan, I think your good when either you or your wife drive when its a total chick car. I think men deserve a free pass in that case. But when its the Big SUV or something like that c’mon… Also, men dont be afraid to buy a masculine car. Dont buy the vagi-car. If you’re going to get the BMW then get the big daddy 7 series. You will look like a pussy in the other models except for the SUV. If you dont get the 7 then dont get a BMW. Grab your balls when you buy a car. Its a man thing!


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