Women Dont Drive!

Men….If you let your woman drive you around all the time you look like a pussy. Not saying you are but you look like one. You only have a few excuses 1)Your Drunk – Legit! – 2)Your tired (in which case youre a pussy! – 3)Your woman demands to drive in which case youre a pussy again. Driving is a man thing, period!

Women, if you demand to drive you are d-emasculating your man. Seriously! You wonder why he doesnt want sex with you? Its because you probably d-emasculate him in more than one way. Let him drive! Let him be the man! Cars are a man thing! Driving is a control thing and men like to feel like they are in control. We are the protectors, the hunters etc. When we drive you somewhere we feel accomplished. When you drive (assuming were not drunk) you are taking away our very power that you were probably attracted to him in the first place.

Ladies if you want to have a man it starts by letting him drive. Its a very basic rule. And, YES even if its your car. Doesn’t matter! He Drives! You sit shotgun and tell him what a great driver he is. Support him and his driving even if it pains you to not be in control.

Men Who Sit Down to Pee….

So, we are having a friednly get together with 4 other couples and all the kids are running around the house and we are drinking. After time goes by the conversation gets funnier and funnier and more vulgar. At some point the conversation of peeing comes up and one of my buddies says he sits down to pee so he doesnt splash. “Wtf….seriously” I respond. Before he could even answer me another buddy says “so do I”. I thought where the hell am I vaginaland? As I stare at them with a look of “your a pussy and your wives own you” I look at my other buddy with a look of “please don’t tell me you do too” he then offers up that he does as well. My jaw hit the floor. After picking my jaw up off the floor I realized I am hanging out with a bunch of pussies who’s wives own them.

I looked at the wives and reserved all comments while the shock of this raced through my mind and soul. Time went into slow motion and I thought I had been transported to a women’s meeting. Having a bunch of liquid courage in me I decided to ask all the wives at the same time if they had their husbands balls in a jar at home too. Two wives were quiet one decided to engage. She revealed that her husband pees all over the floor and toilet paper holder and seat. After a couple minutes of laughing (because that’s funny shit) I asked why he peed allover the place. He responded back with the typical man answer “it’s so big I can’t hold….”. Then said he didnt like peeing on everything and having to wipe it up so he found it easier to sit. My initial reaction was learn to aim but I was still in shock.

These same buddies are also raising boys and teaching them to sit down to pee. Whats gonna happen when these kids grow up ? Are they going to continue this habit? Are there wives going to think they are pussies? Or are the wives going to like it because they can have a live-in girlfriend with a penis?

MEN – learn to aim! Grabs your balls and be a man and wipe the floor and the seat if you miss the bowl. If you are hitting the toilet paper roll on the wall then your just an idiot and should probably be peeing in the backyard on a tree.